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Sunday, January 04, 2009  |  From ModPack for BlogEngine.NET

ModPack released the latest version today on CodePlex.

Finally, since BlogEngine.NET 1.4.5 is out in the wild for quite a while.

Download your free and full update of ModPack 1.4.5

New exciting features such as the widget framework, subcategories and native IIS 7.0 support are now included in this latest release of ModPack.

Let's find out what's changed, shall we?

Widget Framework for Easy Drag & Drop Layout and Fun!

Wicked new feature which allows you to change the order of your side panel ... without touching the HTML code of your theme! Simply add or remove the items you want to show to your visitors.

Rather want your search box or recent posts at the top of your page?

Easy! Just drag & drop your boxes wherever you want. Your blogging life just got much sweeter. And more fun too, because the BlogEngine community shares new widgets pretty often, like the Quote of the Day widget, stock updates and this cool Poll Widget!

Oh, the default CoffeeHouse theme in ModPack? It's still there, but not updated yet to reflect the widget framework. So anyone with CSS skills, your help is much appreciated!

IIS 7.0 Natively Supported, Runs Instantly on GoDaddy

Most GoDaddy customers use an IIS 7.0 webserver today. Since ModPack 1.4.5 builds on a more recent BlogEngine.NET release (23722), both IIS 6 and 7 are natively supported.

ModPack tweaked the original web.config for smoother IIS 7 operation on GoDaddy. If this file causes some instability on your hosting provider, use the original web.config which is zipped and included in the package.

Slug Support for Pages Keeps All Your Links Untouched

What's the big deal of slugs? Well, let me explain.

Slugs are cool and handy, especially for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. In prior releases, only posts had the slug option. It's like a friendly, fully customizable URL for you to freely define.

Now in 1.4.5, you can give pages this permanent, friendly looking URL as well. So even if you change the title of your page, the linked address remains the same! Pretty handy if your loyal fans linked to your written masterpieces. Hooray!

Subcatogories to Super Organize Your Rants :)

Categories give you the option to organize your posts (and even let your readers subscribe only to the categories of their liking). If you're super organized or just want to add more granularity to your categories, you can now use subcategories.

No more excuses to postpone blogging in 2009 ... BlogEngine.NET is by far the most advanced, easy and fun blog platform available! Now only if the upcoming release (1.5) included a simple function to remove the ugly application path that GoDaddy causes.

Until then, use your favorite blog engine on your shared hosting provider.

Download ModPack 1.4.5 from CodePlex and start or continue blogging!

Happy blogging in this exciting new year!

Best wishes for 2009!
Cheers MikevZ

PS. Need a great New Year resolution? What about subscribing to free updates of the ModPack blog. Subscribe for free in your favorite RSS reader.

Monday, May 05, 2008  |  From ModPack for BlogEngine.NET

Refresh your blog engine with new ModPack oilFresh oil for your blog engine arrived on April 25, 2008 in the Codeplex garage.

With 221 mph on the (download) counter and finding an ugly hole in the exhaust pipe, ModPack 1.3 build 05 called for a pit stop.

Start or upgrade your blog engine with improved ModPack 1.3.0 Service Release 1 bits:

  • Faster setup with integrated security patch
  • Subfolder support as well as root installation
  • 1 Mediaplayer for MP3, FLV video & playlists

Download ModPack 1.3.0 SR1 from the Codeplex "Pit"

(please note your BE.NET version shows after setup)

Check what's changed under ModPack's hood for a closer inspection. You'll discover fine-tuned or replaced parts, which will make your blog engine run smoother and reliable.

Rolled Up Security Patch and Bug Fixes

Cool new features create excitement, but can cause potential bugs too.

Or security issues even. Like the JavaScript handler vulnerability, found 3 weeks ago.

Despite quick patchwork, I want to keep my ModPack promise: "blog within minutes, without the hassle". So this service release gives you the full and patched version.

Secured and well. All ready to go.

You'll also find the fixed blog.js bug, which caused script errors in IE7 or prevented visitors from writing comments. Now it loads correctly; no need to add code by hand.

As author field in your RSS feed, your name shows up without your email address which BlogEngine inserted. The "nospam" looked rather ugly anyway or did you really like it?

Subfolder Installation Fully Supported (Yay!)

Finally and out of the box, you can install ModPack in a subfolder as well as in your root.

Your theme decides for the most part how and where links point to. Since default themes use tildes (~), links resolve to your application path or AppPath for short.

If your web host uses an AppPath which matched your desired root or subfolder name, then you're lucky. But GoDaddy's (Deluxe) multiple websites feature messed up the ~/ flexibility. So ModPack replaced these now in SR1 with a handy BlogEngine.NET utility:


Web developers or theme designers can use <%=Utils.RelativeWebRoot%> in their code. ModPack already modified the 3 built-in themes for you.

As administrator you might see the admin links point to the full AppPath, because the Web.Sitemap file in SR1 had to use ~/ to make subfolders work.

Play Your MP3 & Flash Video in a Single Media Player

Simply 1 media player now which plays both your MP3 as your (Flash/FLV) video files. You can show off your entire playlist, since ModPack replaced the two individual players with the new and handy FLV Mediaplayer (BE.NET extension by BetaParticle).

Usage: [mediaplayer:filename.ext]

Supported file extensions: mp3, flv | xml, php and asp for playlists.

Need to Upgrade?

Upgrading from ModPack 1.3.0 (build 05) or older BlogEngine to this Service Release is easy. Just remember to create a full backup of your current installation before you replace all files and folders except your current web.config and App_Data folder.

Although most improvements took place under the hood, you're encouraged to run this most recent ModPack version. Yes, team BlogEngine.NET released 1.3.1 — but ModPack Service Release 1 does rely on 1.3.0, because 1.3.1 isn't Medium Trust ready.

Get your free copy of ModPack 1.3.0 Service Release 1 

Enjoy your blog journey!

Thursday, April 17, 2008  |  From ModPack for BlogEngine.NET

security-alert** Immediate action required **

Patch your ModPack (v1.3.0.5) installation to close this critical security hole in the BlogEngine.Core. It impacts all bloggers on BE.NET versions 1.2.023 to 1.3.029, which includes the build ModPack used as first release.

Download Patch for ModPack 
(starts the 70kb .zip file download directly)

For detailed how-to instructions and why you're urged to apply this patch as soon as possible, please read on.

High Risk Password Exposure if You Don't Patch Your Blog wrote about a serious vulnerability in the JavaScript handler on April 12. Turns out your username and password shows up in plain text if a visitor points its browser to /js.axd? [full URL undisclosed for safety reasons]

Danny Douglass noted this bugfix in BlogEngine.NET 1.3 build 029 which prevents access to your sensitive information. An alert ModPack community member pointed me to this fix, because ModPack's first release uses BE.NET

If you run an unpatched blog instance, you also run this password exposure risk.

So patch now and protect your credentials!

How to Fix the Security Hole in Less Than 3 Minutes

Follow these 3 easy, but urgent steps to patch your ModPack installation.

  1. Download Patch for ModPack (70kb .zip file)
  2. Extract the patched .DLL file (e.g. to your local drive)
  3. Replace your BlogEngine.dll file in /bin/ with this patch

Changing your password is optional, but at least the second best idea after voting for the encrypted passwords option on the BlogEngine.NET forum.

Please ask any questions in this dedicated forum thread or simply comment below.
Share your feedback so we can help you and you'll help your community.

Wanna Stay Safe After Getting Secure?

Once you've secured your blog by applying the ModPack patch, I hope you can and want to stay safe. Your ModPack team offers a zillion ways to keep you posted and in touch.

Of course you can get free ModPack updates and other developments the old school way:

Receive ModPack posts by email (I hate spam too, so nothing like that all)
Add ModPack Feed to your favorite RSS reader (usually 1 monthly post)

But if you're on Twitter, so is @ModPack ...

Yours Patchy,

 ModPack for BlogEngine.NET News Feed 

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